DeAnna Zein
BA Psychology UBCO
Registered Counsellor #1277

Life Coach & Mindset Mentor

BCRPA Weight Training, Group Fitness
CFES Personal Trainer

100 – 3200 Richter St Kelowna V1W 5K9

DeAnna Zein moved to Kelowna from Nelson BC with her two boys Damon and Dhillon in order to pursue her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Since then, she has completed her degree in Psychology at UBCO, her BCRPA group fitness training, BCRPA weight training certification, and CFES Personal training Certificate. DeAnna’s most recent accomplishment is her graduation as a Registered Counselor from the Kelowna College of Professional Counseling. She is now incorporating her knowledge about the human body with her education in mental well being.

Aside from physical wellness, DeAnna specializes in helping individuals cope with anxiety, depression, PMDD, grief or loss, food addiction, and couples therapy. Over the course of her life, she has learned to overcome many of these obstacles, and is now passionate about helping others gain the tools that can help them cope with their daily lives. After overcoming her struggle with PMDD, she wants to help women who struggle with fluctuating moods, depression, anxiety, anger, and feelings of hopelessness in the days between ovulation and menstruation.

DeAnna uses an eclectic approach in her practice, depending on the needs of the client. While Cognitive behavioral Therapy is beneficial for some clients, exploring past experiences (psychodynamic), and interpersonal therapy may be more beneficial for others.

In addition to the above specialties, DeAnna now offers life coaching. Life Coaching is different than counselling as it is less focussed on distressed feelings, rather the individual feels stuck, unmotivated, or lost in one or more areas of their life. Often clients are unsure of what their goals are, they know they lack meaning and purpose, and they have a desire to grow, they just can’t seem to get motivated to change. That is why every coaching package begins with a comprehensive assessment of several areas in the individuals life. Career, health, personal growth, family, relationships, Finances, fun/entertainment.