DeAnna Zein
BA Psychology UBCO
Registered Counsellor #1277

Anxiety & Weight Loss Coach

BCRPA Weight Training, Group Fitness
CFES Personal Trainer

410 – 460 Doyle Ave V1Y 2A2

When People ask me what I do for a living, I can truly say “I help save lives”. When I say this, I mean that I save people from the overwhelming feelings of anxiety, I help them overcome depression & get them back to feeling hopeful & excited for life, I help individuals achieve their weight loss goals & increase the longevity of their lives, and I help women manage the debilitating symptoms of PMDD that rob them from their relationships, careers, and inability to manage their emotions. 

There’s all this, but there’s more… because I combine counselling with coaching, my clients achieve results a lot quicker than other methods of counselling. We absolutely address the emotions such as hurt, anger, fear, sadness, but we work through this and develop a step by step plan to take them from where they are now, to where they want to be. 

So when I say I save lives, I mean:

  • I help individuals gain clarity in their lives (AKA, help untangle the mess).
  • I help them repair their relationships.
  • I help them overcome the paralyzing anxiety that keeps them trapped from moving forward.
  • I help them finally achieve their weight loss goals after years of struggling with different strategies that don’t work.
  • And I help empower them to start living the life they were meant to live.

I could go on and on about my credentials, but honestly I feel that is a very small part of the equation, what matters most is the results my clients get & the way they are showing up in life after working with me.


Sharla Day
Registered Counsellor & Teacher    

Over the course of my 23 years in teaching, I have truly gained a passion for youth and children who struggle with anxiety, depression, and self confidence, as well as any challenges they may be facing inside or outside of the home. Grief, bullying, divorce, and social media can all be a source of distress for children & youth, and the effects of these challenges can effect all areas of their lives.   

If your child or youth is experiencing depression, anxiety, issues with self-esteem or anger, I can help move them past these feelings and help them find ways to cope.  

Please feel free to reach out at anytime and book a FREE 15 min consultation. 

Susanne  Currie                                  


Registered Professional Counsellor (RPC) # 3671
Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling (MPCC)
Eagala Certified Facilitator 
Yoga Teacher Training 200hrs
Heart Math Clinical Facilitator- Victim Services Approved

Foremost,  I am a mother, wife, sister, auntie, friend and healer.  If you ask people to describe me in one word they would say – calm, grounded, purposeful, inspiring… their words!  I am blessed to be surrounded by such a supportive community. Professionally, I bring a unique combination of managerial experience and public relations expertise into my own counselling practice, along with a comprehensive understanding of government, manufacturing and agriculture industries.  Given that counselling is a second career, my previous 25 years of professional experience contributes to a well-rounded therapist who can relate to client needs.  I am able to draw on my professional background and counselling skills to ensure the most productive and helpful approach is applied to best serve clients.   Using a holistic approach in our therapy sessions, we will be able to identify the root issue that may be making you feel stuck or could also be affecting your overall well-being. We will integrate various approaches that could include talk therapy, meditation, yoga, art, or journaling.  Learning to slow down, breath, think, journal, talk, and process before reacting lets you write the script of your life how you want. This in turn gives you the best chance of achieving your dreams. Honoured to be a part of your journey.