Binge Eating Academy

Dieting is the WORST way to try to lose weight and I can prove it!
Study after study confirms that women who diet will end up weighing more in the end than when they started…and nine times out of ten, a diet will end in a binge eating episode.

Diets are so restricting and NOT something that most people can sustain long term. It’s just not realistic for your coach to ask you to refrain from carbs, count each bite of food that goes in your mouth, and to avoid the pleasure of food your whole life.

Restricting your food ALWAYS leads to over eating, and that’s why people find themselves stuck right back where they started, or even worse, they weigh more than when they started and are stuck with the guilt & shame that dieting promotes.

Not to mention how with each diet, you are messing with your metabolism and making it harder & harder to lose weight! You haven’t “reached a plateau”. you’ve screwed with your biology, and now you’re stuck with a slower metabolism.


By following 5 simple steps, my clients have discovered how to lose up to twenty pounds per month WITHOUT giving up any of their favourite foods, and without a single weight loss product. 

By making 2-3 small tweaks, they are repairing their relationship with food, and no longer have the need to gorge on forbidden foods; they are feeling satisfied and full by making a few small changes in their eating habits.

Each and every day, clients are so grateful that the number on the scale no longer determines their worth. They are feeling more confident and secure in their relationships, their careers, and in their social lives. Mom’s are showing up with way more energy, and they feel sexier than they have in years!

While counseling and coaching will get you some support, I’ve developed a program that will help you fast track your success in gaining complete control of your eating habits without all the restrictions that come with dieting and only cause you to binge eat in the end.

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