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  • Girl Goals Membership


    Imagine a place where teen girls go to feel safe, boost their self-confidence and have not only one coach, but TWO COACHES on their side helping them navigate all of the emotional, physical and social stressors that the teen years bring.

    That place is “Girl Goals”!

    More and more, we see teen girls coming to Renew seeking help with low self-esteem, lack of confidence in their bodies, conflict in relationships, eating disorders, social anxiety and depression. The outcome of these stressors have become life altering for some. We’ve seen girls who have withdrawn from the school system due to anxiety and bullying, self-harm and suicide attempts are on the rise, and parents can’t seem to keep up with the ongoing pressures from social media platforms. While counselling has its benefits, often treatment can be slow and drawn out…One hour of counselling per week countered with 167 hours with peers, social media, and their racing thoughts can take many sessions to see any improvements.

    That is why we have developed “GIRL GOALS”!

    Our teens not only get one virtual coaching session per week, they have access to an exclusive Facebook group where they can connect with their coaches on an ongoing basis! Not only do they have support from their coaches, they have a safe place to connect with like-minded teens who are going through the same struggles. We understand that group interaction can be scary, that is why we are using Zoom so the client can stay anonymous until they are comfortable and ready!