One on One – Personal Training Sessions


Working hard and not getting results? Starting a new fitness program but don’t know where to begin? Personal training sessions ensure you are performing the exercises with proper form, challenging your body at optimal levels, and workouts are tailored to your individual needs. What’s stopping you? Book your sessions now!





Personalized meal plan designed around your personal goals and fitness program. Diet and fitness go hand in hand and both programs must be designed to compliment each other. The foods you consume pre and post workout are key for achieving results and daily macros are crucial for transformation and optimal energy. Designing a program is only part of the process. What sets my programs apart from the rest is the following through. You are never left alone!! Over the years I’ve learned that I can design as many programs for people as they want. The hardest part is relearning all the behaviours that have stopped them from following through with their plan in the past years. I was that girl who grew up on white bread and cheese, my healthy behaviours were not learned from childhood, I’ve had to reprogram my entire lifestyle to get where I am today. I’ve not only had to battle my poor eating habits, my degree in psychology has given me many tools to persevere and address my poor habits that contribute to unhealthy behaviours. My passion is sharing these tools with others, inside and outside of the gym to help others overcome the psychological behaviours that are getting in their way of health and fitness goals.


Everyone has a different goal in mind and everyones starting point is different. That is why it is important to have a program specifically tailored to your body and your goals.Your transformation will begin with a detailed questionnaire about your current fitness level, eating habits, mental health, and specific goals you want to target. With this information I will design a weight training and cardio program that is tailored around your needs.


You will receive a grocery list based on your personalized meal plan. My goal is to make your transformation as simple and easy to follow as possible. You will not be given a grocery list a mile long, I will try to keep your life as simple as possible to ensure your progress. Your meal plan will be simple with easy to follow recipes.


As mentioned above, you are never alone in this transformation process. Included in all packages is unlimited support via text or email. Weekly checkins will be key to your success, and in order to ensure your meal program is working for your body. Everyones genetics react differently to each meal plan so its important to keep in check and tweak the diet when necessary in order to make it work properly for your body.