Anxiety & Depression

It’s just amazing how anxiety & depression can absolutely rob a person of their life. So many people I see struggle with the fluctuations between feeling anxious and worried, followed by feelings of hopelessness and sadness. 

I really feel that everyone suffers from anxiety & depression on some level or another and that it can really affect one’s quality of life. Anxiety interferes with your ability to focus which makes it really hard to perform well at work or school, have healthy relationships, parent, or even focus on your health goals. 

When you are stuck in your head with the racing thoughts of “what if” x, y, or z happens, you’re unable to see the true picture, and you often miss out on so many opportunities. The worry about what could go wrong really affects your growth in so many areas. The clients I’ve helped start out feeling “stuck” in their worry, they spend the majority of their day fortune telling (AKA predicting the future negatively). 

Signs that anxiety is affecting your day to day life: 

  • You find yourself predicting the future negatively & worrying about all the things that could go wrong.
  • You feel like you just can’t stay focussed.
  • You can’t seem to accomplish or finish a task because you’re worried about every little detail & making things just perfect.
  • Your heart rate is constantly elevated, and you feel a sense of panic.
  • You lie awake at night unable to shut your mind down.
  • You suffer from gastrointestinal problems.
  • You have a lot of self-doubt or feel self conscious. 

The number one thing you need to know is that you can live your life FREE from all of these symptoms. I’ve helped many individuals overcome their anxiety & depression. They are now living free from worry, feeling way more relaxed & stress free. 

  • Relationships have improved.
  • They are way more focussed & successful in their careers.
  • They feel more confident.
  • No more racing hearts, so health is improved.
  • Overall well-being & happiness is improved.
  • They feel in control of their lives again.

If you feel like all of this sounds like you and you are tired of letting anxiety run your life, and you’re ready to take back control, call for a FREE consultation