What is the difference between Counselling & Coaching?

The biggest difference between counselling & coaching is this..

Counselling offers a place for you to explore your feelings. The hurt, anger, guilt, sadness, or feelings of anxiousness & overwhelm that you’re feeling currently, or that you’ve been carrying around with you for many years. Counselling offers a non- judgemental place where you can feel free to release all of the emotions that have been bottled up over the years. Many clients feel a sense of relief after only a few sessions as they gain clarity & insight around themselves & others in their lives. They no longer feel stuck & confused, life becomes more clear, and they feel a lot lighter after having the chance to release how they are feeling and untangle some of the confusion in their heads.

Coaching is much more action-oriented. Often coaching involves some exploration of emotions and past life events, however, we quickly assess where you’re at in life now, and where you want to go.

Coaching is perfect for anyone who is feeling stuck or unmotivated in one or more areas of life. Often people have goals and aspirations, however, they get stuck when it comes to developing a plan and then following through.

Coaching provides:

  1. An assessment of where you’re at now, either in your career, relationships, health or general well-being.
  2. Development of a step-by-step game plan to get you where you want to be in one or more areas of your life.
  3. Support, guidance & accountability.

Over the course of the years, the biggest struggle I see people have is the follow through with their goals & dreams. Many people have amazing ideas about expanding their careers, working on their relationships, and pursuing weight loss or health goals, however… developing the proper habits, and following through with these goals is the hardest part, and this is why many people invest in a coach. They want the accountability & support to finally follow through with their intentions.

Before investing in a coach, the cycle usually looks like this..

  1. Set a goal: lose 20 lbs in 4 months.
  2. Develop a plan: Workout 4 days per week, eat a low carb diet, use a free ap for workouts.
  3. Anywhere from 5-10 days in, the  client starts to miss workouts, they indulge in just one treat, they feel guilty, so they end up saying screw it, binge, wake up feeling horrible & go back to their old ways, and tell themselves “see… I knew I wasn’t capable”.

I see this over & over in so many areas of life. This is why having a coach or mentor is imperative for following through with any goals or aspirations you may have.

Can we combine Counselling & Coaching?

Absolutely! This happens all the time. Often it’s  the anger, guilt, resentment and hurt from past events that hold people back from pursuing their goals.

Along the life course, we develop insecurities and limiting beliefs that hold us back from being the person we really want to be. By combining Counselling with Coaching, the magic happens! You are finally able to let go of past relationships, employmers, or other mentors who made you believe you aren’t worthy or capable.

When you invest in Coaching, you’re deciding to become liberated & create transformation in your life, your mindset, your confidence, and your happiness.

  • Relationships improve
  • Income & success improve
  • Health improves
  • Confidence & self worth improve
  • You start living each day with intention & purpose rather than just trying to get through each day.