Many individuals seek counselling as a result of life’s daily stressors. At times, we can feel overwhelmed, confused, and thoughts can become distorted due to challenges we face. Counselling can help you untangle some of the confusions you are facing, and help you work through the stressors that are present in your life.

Counselling offers a safe, non-judgemental, and confidential environment for you to work through your thoughts and feelings. Through an eclectic approach, therapy can help you identify past events or experiences that may be affecting you at an individual level, or in your relationships. Therapy helps you reveal blind spots that may be getting in the way of clarity.

Counselling / Coaching 55 min
55 minutes $100

Counselling / Coaching 75 Min
1 hour 15 minutes $120

Counselling/Coaching 90 min
1 hour 30 minutes $140

Text / Email support
30 minutes $30

This service is for those individuals who communicate easier through written communication, or prefer a less invasive form of therapy. Clients use this service when they are in need of support, however do not want to leave the comfort of their home, or prefer not to have face to face interaction. Text and email support is also a less costly form of therapy which can be helpful for some individuals. Sessions are booked in 30min increments and can be booked online or through text message.