Couples Counseling

Relationships are so dynamic, and every couple faces their own set of struggles. Clients tell their stories about how they were once so in love, only to find themselves caught up in anger, hurt, or frustration and no longer feeling the love they once had. Couples counselling offers a safe, objective place to share your stories. 

Whether the trust has been broken through infidelity, or the passion has simply faded, there is hope for repairing the relationship and even strengthening it more than ever. Each partner gets to tell their story, and then we develop a treatment plan to overcome the conflict and hurt in the relationship. 

The biggest struggle I see between my clients is the repetitive cycle of conflict they endure. The same problems arise, and the same form of communication is repeated every time. Couples become defensive, they are verbally abusive, they threaten the relationship, or they walk away and refuse to engage. Repeating the same form of communication produces the same outcome and the couples relationship remains broken.

Feeling unsure if you’re ready for couples counselling? Consultations are always free.