Depression presents itself in many ways. Some clients struggle with persistent feelings of sadness and despair, however some individuals have shorter more intense episodes of depression. Regardless of the severity, depression can be a very hard disorder to overcome on your own. The persistent negative thought processes can leave you feeling debilitated, and hopeless. 

Clients tend to get in a pattern of self loathing, they lose interest in usual activities, and then become isolated due to the lack of motivation. The most prominent complaint is that the simple task of getting out of bed is impossible. This creates a downward spiral as energy decreases further, individuals miss work, and suicidal thoughts and tendencies begin to present themselves. 

Depressive symptoms can become serious very quickly, and attempting to battle the symptoms on your own can be a big challenge. Breaking the negative cycle is not easy at all, especially when depression breeds on the negativity and then increases over time. 

Through cognitive therapy, we focus on the client’s current thinking patterns and identify the irrational beliefs they may have about their external and internal world. From there we work on challenging the irrational beliefs and restore the individual’s belief system to a more rational way of thinking. 

Cognitive therapy is an evidence based treatment for depression and other disorders, and is backed by years of scientific research. 

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