After overcoming years of struggling with PMDD, I am making it my mission to help women overcome their fluctuating moods, depression, anxiety, anger, and feelings of hopelessness in the days between ovulation and menstruation.

The idea that any woman just has to live with PMDD symptoms until she gets a hysterectomy or goes through menopause is a BIG FAT lie!

It’s unbelievable that so many women think they have to struggle with the feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, anger, and emotional outbursts that PMDD causes for the next 10, 15, even 20+ years. But not my clients …

They’re overcoming these symptoms of PMDD without having to make any drastic changes in their lives like having a hysterectomy or other major surgery.

Not just that, they’re restoring the relationships with their partner, children, and other loved ones, and fast-tracking their careers so they get ahead at work, even if their condition has kept them in the same position and same pay grade for years.

And they’re doing all this with a specific 5-step game plan that helps them get back to being the Mom, partner, and professional they want to be, even if they’ve been victims of PMDD for YEARS.

To find out exactly how they’re doing this, watch my free masterclass!

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