Weight Loss Coaching

There is so much more to losing weight than being prescribed a fitness & nutrition program!

Time and time again, I see clients spending endless amounts of money on personal training, coaching, and online support or programs, only to end up right back in the same place they started, except feeling more hopeless about achieving their weight loss goals.

You need MUCH MORE than a prescribed program. You need help overcoming the habits and the belief systems you’ve acquired over the years. You need support and guidance for the days when you want to give up, and you need someone to help you break those patterns you’ve been in for years.

My clients results are not typical because I don’t just provide a “prescription” for weight loss, I work with each client to develop a step-by-step plan that is right for them, and then work side by side with them to support them and keep them accountable. There are NO TWO PEOPLE alike, and that is why I am firm in my belief that each person needs an individual, personalized plan.

The biggest downfall I see with other coaching programs is that they provide a program, BUT they don’t have the combined education of helping you break through the food addiction & the habits you’ve carried over the life course, and that is why most programs fail & people get discouraged.

Losing weight is hard as hell! You need more than someone just telling you what to do, you need someone to help you break old patterns of eating, someone to show you how to get motivated when the last thing you want to do is your workout, and someone who can help you finally develop a healthy relationship with food as well as fitness program that you love, not dread.

My promise to you is:

  1. Assessment of where you’re at right now,  and where you want to be in terms of your health & weight loss. What are your usual struggles with weight loss?
  2. A step-by-step personalized plan that works with your lifestyle and your goals.
  3. Weekly check-ins and alterations of your program as needed.
  4. Unlimited support, guidance, and accountability for the duration of your coaching program.
  5. Weekly mindset training to keep you motivated and to address the typical struggles people face in terms of social events, late night snacking, cravings, emotional eating.

If you’re ready for something different, something that actually works long term, and a coach & mentor that will provide you with all the support and counselling you need to go along with your program, I’m your girl!

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