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Deanna is absolutely a wonderful counselor. She is so good at listening and letting you get things off your chest, I’ve never felt judged and she is so compassionate. She helps you to understand what you are going through and always there for you. She gives great advice and tools to help you get through whatever you need help with. She makes me feel extremely comfortable and has honestly changed my way of life. Highly recommended! Katie Aves
For me the biggest difference between traditional counselling and this amazing journey is the ACTION! Throwing my life into the hands of someone with an ear wasn’t working…cuz there was never a plan of attack to fix anything! With this journey I feel like I have a-whole arsenal of weapons to attack even the biggest anxieties and fears! However I truly believe this works because of me and my drive to kick life’s ass, the program and how it guides you not to fail and of course the ring leader and General ( your awesome Dee)
Well alrighty then!! I’m one of those guys that doesn’t really get into books, programs or reaching out to better my world but……. I am so thankful for pulling the trigger and doing it!!! Going into week 3 my whole mindset has changed from being pretty negative about myself and where I am in life, to being so happy about where I am in life! This course will challenge without burning you out and make you crave the changes you really want in your life, it’s…

DeAnna Zein - Life Coach & Mindset Mentor

When People ask me what I do for a living, I can truly say “I help save lives”. When I say this, I mean that I save people from the overwhelming feelings of anxiety, I help them overcome depression & get them back to feeling hopeful & excited for life, I help individuals achieve their weight loss goals & increase the longevity of their lives, and I help women manage the debilitating symptoms of PMDD that rob them from their relationships, careers, and inability to manage their emotions.



Taking your weight training outdoors! This strength and conditioning bootcamp is a mix of weight training, interval training, hiking, stair climbing and progressive drills. Unlike other bootcamps, the focus is on improved strength and cardio over a 12 week period. These dynamic workouts will keep your muscles guessing and you'll never be bored!! What's stopping you?

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