DeAnna Zein: Registered counselor & Life coach.

In her counselling practice, she specializes in helping individuals who feel overwhelmed, stressed, or even stuck in their daily lives. Through therapy, she helps her clients gain insight about themselves, while providing lifelong tools to help cope with anxiety, anger and emotional regulation. Couples overcome the struggles they’re experiencing in their relationship, and often feel more connected than ever when therapy is complete.

As a life coach, DeAnna helps her clients delve into several areas of their lives, and coach them into personal growth and success. Client’s have ongoing support, guidance, and accountability throughout the coaching process. DeAnna’s ideal clients are those who know they want more out of life, however they don’t know what they want or how to get there. “It is so rewarding to see people evolve in so many areas of their lives, and even more fulfilling to see people recognize their potential. At times, I feel like I’ve unleashed a beast ;)” DeAnna Zein